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Did you know that sneaker manufacturers’ average projected lifetime of its adhesives that attach the midsole and outsole of your shoes to its uppers is around 5 years only? Dont worry if you have what we call a “sole separation or,” sole sep” whereby the soles of your shoes are quickly detaching.
We do all sorts of painting on sneakers. We can do midsole repainting to bring back the color of your dulling or yellowing midsoles and we can also repaint and bring back the color of your uppers, whether they’re leather, canvass, suede, nubuck or virtually any material.
The backbone of Kicksomatic. Our cleaning pros have been cleaning sneakers since 1989.

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KICKSOMATIC is one of the true originators in the sneaker cleaning and restoration industry in the Philippines.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Raf Davis

“If you have shoes na gusto nyo ipa-customize you should bring it to Kicksomatic, Lahat ng sapatos nagkakabuhay talaga pag dinadala sa Kicksomatic”

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